Winter Tree Identification

That you are viewing this website indicates you are interested in Winter Tree Identificaiton. As a person with that interest you are in a unique position to help add a new tool to that activity. I am conductiong a Nation Wide study of an additional feature as a new element to consider when identifying trees in the winter.

This website is for the study of tree bark patterns around branches with the intent of adding that element to the 'tool kit' for Winter Tree Identification.


PDF copies of the form needed for data collection for this study and an Illustrated Guide to the terms used on the form are provided on the Forms page of this website.

Everyone interested in participation in the study is encouraged to use the forms and collect data for inclusion on this website. I will work with anyone on protocols for collecting data and submitting material.

I can be reached at: Land line - 276-930-4571, Cell phone - 276-229-9386


email -

Everyone who submits material will have attribution on every Species page they contribute to. There will be a page for each species covered by this study. If 50 people study a particular species and submit data for that species they will all be listed on the web page for that species.

The species listing is only a starting point. If you study a species not listed on the Species Listing page, that species will be added and you will get credit for being the one to have it added to this website.

Distribution ranges of species means I need a lot of help with this tree study.

I am retired and not backed by any institution. I have no desire nor will I ever use any information submitted to this website for personal gain. I will not be writing a book. The results of this study will be available free to the public on this website which I pay for out of pocket.

You may wonder why I am doing this considering all the work and expense of the project. "Because it is there." is the answer. It is a question that I feel needs an answer and I am able to do something about it.

You too can be part of finding that answer.

I have made several innovations in areas related to this tree study

1. Finding tree height by the Sextant Method using trig

2. Measuring tree height from a photo of the tree

3. An inexpensive way to start an Increment Corer for taking tree cores

4. A unique plant press system

5. An inexpensive forced air plant dryer

All of these innovations are detailed on the Innovations page of this website

This tree studyis a labor of love in the true sense of the phrase. I have picked up odd projcts and spent lots of time and money on them through the years. This is one project I am passionate about and doing the work is pure pleasure. Besides, I am learning a lot. I love learning. I'm young enough (79) to have a number of years ahead of me and this is a wonderful way to spend those years and to make a contribution at the same time.

Please join me in this quest for new knowledge and writing a new chapter in the story of Botany. Together we can break new ground in the field of Winter Tree Identification together.

My contact information is:

Leroy Jones
PO Box 140
Woolwine, VA 24185


Please use "TREE STUDY" on the subject line of any email.



"An unbelievable website by some shool kids. Well worth taking more than a look at!!"

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