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Click on the tree name - if there is a page for that species you will be taken to the species page. This is a website that includes data as recieved so revisit the site later if it does not contain data on the tree of interest to you at this time.

This is not a complete listing of tree to be covered by this study. if you are studying a species not covered by this listing that species will be added to the list by your submission of data on that species.

Download the forms and get out in the woods, yards, parks, along streets or anywhere trees are and collect the data on the form. You can be the one who provides the data to get a tree documented on this website. You will be given credit for your work at the bottom of the page for every tree you contribute data for.

Listings that are indented with "*** " contain data on that particular species. Click on the listing to jump to the page for that species.

GINKGO FAMILY (Ginkgoaceae)
Ginkgo (The
G. Biloba L.——— Ginkgo

PINE FAMILY (Pinaceae)
Pinus (The Pines)

P. strobus L. ——— Eastern White Pine
P. resinosa Ait. ——— Red Pine
P. palustris Mill.——— Longleaf Pine
P. elliottii Engelm. ——— Slash Pine
P. taeda L. ——— Loblolly Pine
P. serotina Michx. ——— Pond Pine
P. rigida Mill. ——— Pitch Pine
P banksiana Lam. ——— Jack Pine
P. virginiana Mill. ——— Virginia Pine
P. echinata Mill. ——— Shortleaf Pine
P. glabra Walt. ——— Spruce Pine
P. clausa (Chapm.) Vasey ——— Sand Pine
P. pungens Lamb. ——— Table Mountain Pine
P. sylvestris L. ——— Scotch Pine
P. nigra Arnold ——— Austrian Pine

Picea (The Spruces)
P. rubens Sarg. ——— Red Spruce
P. mariana (Mill.) B.S.P. ——— Black Spruce
P glauca (Moench.) Voss.-—White Spruce
P. abies (L.) Karst. ——— Norway Spruce

Tsuga (The Hemlocks)
T canadensis (L.) Carr. ——— Eastern Hemlock
T. caoliniana Engelm. ——— Carolina Hemlock

Abies (The Balsam Firs)
A. balsamea (L.) Mill. ——— Balsam Fir
A. fraseri (Pursh) Poir. ——— Fraser Fir

Larix (The Larches)
L. larcinia (DuRoi) K. Koch. ——— Tamarack

REDWOOD FAMILY (Taxodiaceae)
Taxodium (The Baldcypresses)
T. distichum (L.) Rich.—-Baldcypress
T. distichum var. nutans (Ait.) Sweet ——— Pondcypress

CYPRESS FAMILY (Cupressaceae)
Thuja (The Arborvitaes)
T. occidentalis L. ——— Northern White cedar

Chamaecyparis (The Cypresses)
C. thyoides (L.) B.S.P. ——— Atlantic White cedar

Juniperus (The Junipers)
J. virglniana L. ——— Eastern Redcedar
J. silicicola (Small) Bailey ——— Southern Redcedar

Sabal (The Palmettoes)
S. jacq. Prs. (Walt.) Lodd. ——— Dwarf Cabbage Palmetto
S. louisiana (Darby) Bomhard ——— Louisiana Palmetto

WILLOW FAMILY (Salicaceae)
Populus (The Aspens and Poplars)
R tremuloides Michx.-—-Trembling Aspen
R grandidentata Michx.-—Large toothed Aspen
R balsamifera L. ——— Balsam Poplar
P. balsamifera var. subcordata Hylander ——— Balm-of-Gilead
P. deltoides Marsh. ——— Eastern Cottonwood
P. heterophylla L. ——— Swamp Cottonwood
P. alba L. ——— White Poplar
P. nigra var. ltalica Muenchh. ——— Lombardy Poplar

Salt: (The Willows)
S. nigra Marsh. ——— Black Willow
S. caroliniana Michx. ——— Ward Willow
S. lucida Muhl. ——— Shining Willow
S. bebbiana Sarg. ——— Beaked Willow
S. discolor Muhl. ——— Glaucous Willow
S. babylonica L. ——— Weeping Willow
S. fragalis L. ——— —Crack Willow

Myrica (The Bayberries)
M. cerifera L. ——— Wax Myrtle

CORKWOOD FAMILY (Leitneriaceae)
Leitnerla (The Corkwood)
L. floridana Chapm. ——— Corkwood

WALNUT FAMILY (Juglandaceae)
Juglans (The Walnuts)
J. cinerea L. ——— Butternut
J. nigra L. ——— Black Walnut

Carya (The Hickories)
C. illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch. ——— Pecan
C. aquatica (Michx. f.) Nutt ——— Water Hickory
C. cordiformis (Wang.) K. Koch. ——— Bitternut Hickory
C. myristicaeformis (Michx. f.) Nutt. ——— Nutmeg Hickory
C. ovata (Mill.) K. Koch. ——— Shagbark Hickory
C. laciniosa (Michx. f.) Loud. ——— Shellbark Hickory
C. tomentosa Nutt. ——— Mockernut Hickory
C. pallida (Ashe) Engl. & Graebn. ——— Sand Hickory
C. glabra (Mill.) Sweet ——— Pignut Hickory
C. texana Buckl. ——— Black Hickory
C. ovata var. australis (Ashe) Little ——— Carolina Hickory
C. glabra var. odorata (Marsh.) Little ——— Red Hickory

BIRCH FAMILY (Betulaceae)
Betula (The Birches)
B. lenta L. ——— Black Birch
B. alleghaniensis Britton ——— Yellow Birch
B. nigra L. ——— Red Birch
B. populifolia Marsh. ——— Gray Birch
B. papyrifera Marsh. ——— Paper Birch
B. papyrifera var. cordifolia (Beg.) Fern. ——— Mountain Paper Birch
B. pendula Both. ——— European White Birch
B. uber (Ashe) Fam. ——— Virginia Roundleaf Birch
Carpinus (The Hornbeams)
C. caroliniana Walt. ——— American Hornbeam
Ostrya (The Hop-hornbeams)
O. virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch. ——— American Hop-hornbeam

Fagus (The Beaches)
F. grandifolia Ehrh. ——— Beech

Castanea (The Chestnuts)
C. dentata (Marsh.) Borkh. ——— Chestnut
C. pumila (L.) Mill. ——— Chinquapin
C. pumila var. ashei Sudw. ——— Ashe Chinquapin
C. alnifolia var. floridana Sarg. ——— Florida Chinquapin

Quercus (The Oaks)
Q. rubra L.-Northern Red Oak
Q. coccinea Muenchh. ——— Scarlet Oak
Q. palustris Muenchh. ——— Pin Oak
Q. ellipsoidalis E. J. Hill ——— Northen Pin Oak
Q. shumardii Buckley ——— Shumard Oak
Q. nuttallii Palmcr ——— Nuttall Oak
Q. laevis Walt. ——— Turkey Oak
Q. georgiana Curtis ——— Georgia Oak
Q. velutina Lam. ——— Black Oak
Q. falcata Michx. ——— Southern Red Oak
Q. marilandica Muenchh. ——— Blackjack Oak
Q. arkansana Sarg. ——— Arkansas Oak
Q. ilicifolia Wang. ——— Scrub Oak
Q. nigra L. ——— Water Oak
Q. phellos L. ——— Willow Oak
Q. laurifolia Michx. ——— Laurel Oak
Q. imbricaria Michx. ——— Shingle Oak
Q. incana Bartram ——— Bluejack Oak
Q. myrtifolia Willd. ——— Myrtle-leaved Oak
Q. virginiana Mill. ——— Live Oak
Q. virginiana var. geminata (Small) Sarg. ——— Sand Live Oak
Q. durandii Buckley ——— Durand Oak
Q. chapmanii Sarg. ——— Chapman Oak
Q. macrocarpa Michx. ——— Bur Oak
Q. stellata Wang. ——— Post Oak
Q. stellata var. margaretta (Ashe) Sarg. ——— Sand Post Oak
Q. lyrata Walt. ——— Overcup Oak

*** Q. alba L. ——— White Oak
Q. austrina Small ——— Bluff Oak
Q. bicolor Willd. ——— Swamp White Oak
Q. michauxii Nutt. ——— Swamp Chestnut Oak
Q. prinus L. ——— Chestnut Oak
Q. muhlenbergii Engelm. ——— Chinquapin Oak
Q. prinoides Willd. ——— Scrub Chestnut Oak
Q. oglethorpensis Duncan ——— Oglethorpe Oak

ELM FAMILY (Ulmaceae)
Ulmus (The Elms)
U. americana L. ——— American Elm
U. thomasii Sarg. ——— Rock Elm
U. rubra Muhl. ——— Slippery Elm
U. alata Michx. ——— Winged Elm
U. crassifolia Nutt. ——— Cedar Elm
U. serotina Sarg. ——— Red Elm

Planera (The Planertree)
R aquatica Gmel. ——— Planertree

Celtis (The Hackberries)
C. occidentalis L. ——— Hackberry
C. tenuifolia Nutt. ——— Georgia Hackberry
C. laevigata Willd. ——— Sugarberry

Morus (The Mulberries)
M. rubra L. ——— Red Mulberry

Broussonetia (The Paper-mulberries)
B. papyrifera (L.) Vent. ——— Paper-mulberry

Maclura (The Osage-orange)
*** M. pomifera (Raf.) Schneid. ——— Osage-orange

Magnolia (The Magnolias)
M. acuminata L. ——— Cucumber-tree
M. aouminata var. cordata (Miohx.) Sarg.—·—Ye11ow Cucumber-tree
M. grandiflora L. ——— Southern Magnolia
M. virginiana L. ——— Sweet-bay Magnolia
M. tripetala L. ——— Umbrella Magnolia
M. fraseri Walt. ——— Fraser Magnolia
M. pyramidata Pursh ——— Pyramid Magnolia
M. macrophylla Michx. ——— Bigleaf Magnolia

Liriodendron (The Tulip—magnolias)
*** L. tulipifera L. ——— Tulip-tree

Asimina (The Pawpaws)
A. triloba (L.) Dunal ——— Common Pawpaw

Persea (The Perseas)
P. borbonia (L.) Spreng ——— Red Bay
P. borbonia var. pubescens (Pursh) Little ——— Swampbay

Sassafras (The Sassafras)
S. albidum (Nutt.) Nees ——— Sassafras

WITCH-HAZEL FAMILY (Hamamelidaceae)
Liquidambar (The Sweetgum)
L. styraciflua L. ——— Sweetgum

Hamamelis (The Witch-hazels)
H. virginiana L. ——— Witch-hazel

Platanus (The Plane-trees)
P. occidentalis L. ——— Sycamore
P. orientalis L. ——— Oriental Plane-tree
P. acerifolia Willd. ——— London Plane-tree

ROSE FAMILY (Rosaceae)
Malus (The Apples)
M. coronaria L. ——— Sweet Crab Apple
M. ioensis (Wood) Britton ——— Prairie Crab Apple
M. angustifolia (Ait.) Michx. ——— Southern Crab Apple
M. pumila Mill. ——— Common Apple

Pyrus (The Pears)
P. communis L. ——— Common Pear

Sorbus (The Mountain-ashes)
S. americana Marsh.-American Mountain-ash
S. decora (Sarg.) Schneid. ——— Northern Mountain-ash

Amelanchier (The Serviceberries)
A. arborea (Michx. f.) Fern. ——— Downy Serviceberry
A. arborea var. laevis (Wieg.) Ahles-Smooth Serviceberry

Crataegus (The Hawthorns)
C. crus-galli L. ——— Cock's-spur Thorn
C. punctata Jacq. ——— Dotted Hawthorn
C. flabellata (BOSC) K. Koch ——— Fan Leaf Hawthorn
C. pruniosa (Wend.) K. Koch ——— Waxy-fruited Thorn
C. marshallii Eggl. ——— Parsley Hawthorn

Prunus (The Plum
P. americana Marsh. ——— American Wild Plum
P. nigra Ait. ——— Canada Plum
P. allegheniensis Porter ——— Porter Plum
P. umbellata Ell. ——— Flatwoods Plum
P. munsoniana Wight & Hedr. ——— Wild Goose Plum
P. angustifolia Marsh. ——— Chickasaw Plum
P. pensylvanica L. f. ——— Wild Red Cherry
P. avium L. ——— Sweet Cherry
P. cerasus L. ——— Sour Cherry
P. virginiana L. ——— Choke Cherry
P. serotina Ehrh. ——— Wild Black Cherry
P. serotina var. alabamensis ——— Alabama Black Cherry
P. caroliniana (Mill.) Air. ——— Carolina Laurel Cherry

PEA FAMILY (Leguminosae)
Cercis (The Redbuds)
C. canadensis L. ——— Redbud

Gymnocladua (The Coffee-trees)
G. dioicus (L.) K. Koch ——— Kentucky Coffee-tree
Cladrastis (The Yellowwoods)
C. kentukea (Dum.-Cours.) ——— Rudd
Gleditsta (The Honey-locusts)
G. triacanthos L. ——— Honey-locust
G. aquatica Marsh ——— Water Locust
Robinia (The Locusts)
R. pseudoacacia L. ——— Common Locust
Albizia (The Silk-trees)
A. julibrissin Durazz. ——— Silktree

RUE FAMILY (Rutaceae)
Zanthoxylum (The Prickly-ashes)
Z. clava-herculis L. ——— Southern Prickly-ash

Ptelea (The Hoptrees)
R trifoliata L. ——— Hoptree

QUASSIA FAMILY (Simaroubaceae)
Atlanthus (The Trees-of-heaven)
A. altissima (Mill.) Swingle ——— Ai1anthus

Melia (The Chinaberries)
M. azedarach L. ——— Chinaberry

SPURGE FAMILY (Euphorbiaceae)
Saptum (The Tallowtrees)
S. sebiferum (L.) Rox. ——— Chinese Tallow-tree

CASHEW FAMILY (Anacardiaoeae)
Rhus (The Sumacs) .
R. typhina L ——— Staghorn Sumac
R. glabra L. ——— Smooth Sumac
R. copallina L. ——— Dwarf Sumac

Toxicodendron vernix (L.) Kuntze ——— Poison-sumac,
Poison-Ives, and Poison-oaks

Cotinus (The Smoketrees)
C. obovatus Raf. ——— American Smoketree

CYRILLA FAMILY (Cyrillaceae)
Cliftonia (The Buckwheat-tree)
C. monophylla (Lamb.) Britton ——— Buckwheat-tree

Cyrilla (The Cyrilla)
C. racemiflora L. ——— Swamp Cyrilla

HOLLY FAMILY (Aquifoliaceae)
Ilex (The Hollies)
I. opaca Ait. ——— American Holly
I. cassine L. ——— Dahoon Holly
I. myrtifolia Walt. ——— Myrtle-leaved Holly
I. vomitoria Ait. ——— Yaupon Holly
I. decidua Walt. ——— Deciduous Holly
I. montana Torr. & Gray ——— Large-leaved Holly

MAPLE FAMILY (Aceraceae)
Acer (The Maples)
A. spicatum Lamb. ——— Mountain Maple
A. pensylvanicum L. ——— Striped Maple
A. saccharum Marsh. ——— Sugar Maple
A. barbatum Michx. ——— F1orida Maple
A. leucoderme Small ——— Chalk Maple
A. nigrum Michx. ——— B1ack Maple
A. saccharinum L. ——— Silver Maple
A. rubrum L. ——— Red Maple
A. rubrum var. tridens Wood ——— Carolina Red Maple
A. rubrum var. drummondii (H. & A.) Sarg. ——— Drummond Red Maple
A. negundo L. ——— Ash-leaved Maple
A. platanoides L. ——— Norway Maple
A. pseudoplatanus L. ——— Sycamore Maple

HORSE-CHESTNUT FAMILY (Hippocastanaceae)
Aesculus (The Buckeyes)
A. glabra Willd.———Ohio Buckeye
A. octandra Marsh. ——— Yellow Buckeye
A. pavia L. ——— Red Buckeye
A. sylvatica Bartram ——— Painted Buckeye
A hippocastanum L. ——— Common Horse-chestnut

Rhamnus (The Buckthorns)
R. caroliniana Walt. ——— Carolina Buckthorn

Tilia (The Lindens)
T. americana L. ——— American Basswood
T. heterophylla Vent. ——— White Basswood
T. caroliniana Mill. ——— Carolina Basswood

TEA FAMILY (Teaceae)
Gardenia (The Gordonias)
G. lasianthus (L.) Ellis ——— Loblolly Bay

Aralia (The Aralias)
A. spinosa L. ——— Devil's Walkingstick

Nyssa (The Tupelo Gums)
N. aquatica L. ——— Water Tupelo
N. ogeche Bartram ——— Ogeechee Tupelo
N. sylvatica Marsh. ——— Black Gum
N. sylvatica var. biflora (Walt.) Sarg. ——— Swamp Black Gum

Cornus (The Dogwoods)
C. florida L. ——— Flowering Dogwood
C. alternifolia L. ——— Alternate-leaved Dogwood
C. stricta Lamb. ——— Stiff Dogwood

HEATH FAMILY (Ericaceae)
Rhododendron (The Rhododendrons)
R. maximum L. ——— Rosebay Rhododendron

Kalmia (The Kalmias)
K. latifolia L. ——— Mountain Laurel

Oxydendrum (The Sourwood)
O. arboreum (L.) DC. ——— Sourwood

Vaccinium (The Blueberries)
V. arboreum Marsh. ——— Tree Sparkleberry

SAPOTE FAMILY (Sapotaceae)
Bumelia (The Bumelias)
B. lycioides (L.) Pers. ——— Buckthorn Bumelia
B. lanuginosa (Michs.) Pers. ——— Gum Bumelia
B. tenax (L.) Wi1ld. ——— Tough Bumelia

EBONY FAMILY (Ebenaceae)
Diospyros (The Persimmons)
D. virginiana L. ——— Common Persimmon

STORAX FAMILY (Styracaceae)
Halesia (The Silverbells)
H. carolina L. ——— Carolina Silverbell
H. parviflora Michx. ——— Little Silverbell

Symplocos (The Sweetleafs)
S. tinctoria (L.) L'Hér. ——— Common Sweetleaf

Fraxinus (The Ashes)
F. quadrangulata Michx. ——— Blue Ash
F. americana L. ——— White Ash
F. profunda Bush ——— Pumpkin Ash
F. pennsylvanica Marsh. ——— Green Ash
F. caroliniana Mill. ——— Carolina Ash
F. nigra Marsh. ——— Black Ash

Chionanthus (The Flowering-ashes)
C. virginicus L. ——— Fringe-tree

Osmanthus (The Wild-olives)
O. americanus (L.) B. & H. ——— Devilwood

BIGNONIA FAMILY (Bignoniaceae)
Catalpa (The Catalpas)
C. speciosa Warder ——— Northern Catalpa
C. bignonioides Walt.-—Southern Catalpa

FIGWORT FAMILY (Scrophulariaceae)
Paulownia (The Paulownias)
P. tomentosa (Thunb.) Sieb & Zucc. ——— Royal Paulownia

Pinckneya (The Fever-tree)
P. pubens Michx. ——— Pinckneya

Viburnum (The Vibumums)
V lentago L, ——— Sweet Viburnum
V. prunifolium L. ——— Black Haw
V rufidulum Raf. ——— Rusty Black Haw
V obovatum Walt. ——— Small-leaved Viburnum

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